See What I Sea

See What I Sea


Hiro was born with weak eyesight, became fully blind in middle school. His condition was total blindness, the complete lack of form and visual light perception and is clinically recorded as NLP, an abbreviation for "no light perception."  

He faced the harsh reality of blindness during his formative teenage years and suffered through a period of fear and pain not commonly experienced by a typical teenager. However, he pulled through this tough period and began to lead a life that did not see blindness as a handicap.

He turned blindness into a good fortune by developing his other senses, especially the sense of touch and developed his career, “Shishinjutsu”, a new kind of healing therapy that blends the principles of Acupuncture with the other ancient energy healing arts. Today, he has a successful practice offering his special treatment program to clients throughout California. His life style and dream have been reported online as well as magazines.

Leave this site and read his interview at

Leave this site and read his interview at voice

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